Charles Barkley will play in "The Match 3"

barkley the match 3

Rejoice, fans of golf and novelty. “The Match 3” is reportedly happening, with some major changes.

Out are Tiger Woods and Tom Brady, who participated in the second iteration of the exhibition in May, according to Sportico.

Reportedly in are Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry, well-known for his golfing practice, and NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley, well-known for his lack of golfing practice. They will join Peyton Manning and Phil Mickelson for an event that could be worth it just for the sight of an all-time golfing great playing alongside a man with swing problems notorious enough to warrant a TV show.

The eclectic foursome will reportedly tee off on Friday, Nov. 27, right after Thanksgiving.

Mickelson came out on top in the original Match two years ago, while Woods and Manning prevailed earlier this year.

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The golf games of Curry and Barkley both need little introduction.

Curry is a scratch golfer and has even participated in a tournament on the Tour thanks to a special exemption. He’s also an executive producer and occasional ringer on “Holey Moley,” the giant mini-golf show on ABC.

Given what we know about the coordination and mechanics of the consensus best shooter in NBA history, it’s not surprising to see there’s another sport in which he can do damage from a distance.

Barkley, on the other hand, well, we can at least say he’s getting better. The TNT commentator is notorious for the enormous hitch in his swing — he would essentially stop his club in the middle of his downswing — he has displayed in the past. The swing was bad enough to spawn a TV show called “The Haney Project: Charles Barkley” in which Hank Haney, Woods’ former swing coach, attempted to fix it.

Barkley has received widespread mockery for the swing, to the point you have to hand it to him for sticking with the sport. His improvement over the years has also been laudable, as his swing looks almost normal these days. Probably not good enough to expect him to hang with an all-time golfing great and two scratch golfers, but better.

Barkley will also have plenty of trash talk to back up, as he gleefully needled Brady during “The Match 2” while working as a broadcaster for the match. Brady was merciless in his response, and you have to figure more could be coming if Barkley’s struggles come up again in November.

Creds: Jack Baer (Yahoo Sports)


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