Feds Find $30K Of Cocaine Smuggled In Club Shafts

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Even in the midst of a worldwide crisis, there are still federal agents doing their best to stop drug smuggling.

Last week, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents in Miami found $30,000 worth of cocaine smuggled into the country in the shafts of a makeshift set of golf clubs.

“Our CBP officers are highly skilled in detecting all types of concealment methods to intercept harmful drugs and to keep them from impacting our communities,” Christopher Maston, the CBP’s port director of field operations at Miami International Airport said.

Images shared on social media depicted a set of six clubs held together by clear shipping material.


The visual of clubs wrapped in cellophane is peculiar to any golfer, and luckily, the unusual packing caught the attention of one of the agents at the Miami-Dade international mail facility.

“The estimated street value is approximately $30,000,” the Florida CBP tweeted. “Traffickers attempted to smuggle cocaine in the shafts.”

According to Doug Phillips of the Sun-Sentinel, agents drilled a hole into one of the shafts and just over a pound of cocaine was discovered. The clubs, which were sent from Columbia and intended to be received in New York, were confiscated.



This isn’t the first time drug smugglers have attempted to use golf as their cover to move their drugs. In 2018, Border Patrol agents found 50 pounds of marijuana valued at $40,000 stuffed into golf bags in Texas.

Creds: Chris Chaney (Swing By Swing)



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