Molinari and Gagli isolated in Oman due to Coronavirus risk

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The outbreak of Coronavirus that has the authorities of Italy under pressure and forced to advance the completion of the Carnival of Venice has sneaked into the European Tour and, more specifically, in the Oman Open that is played this week.

Italian golfers Lorenzo Gagli and Edoardo Molinari are at this time isolated as a precaution against a possible infection by Coronavirus, and both have had no choice but to withdraw themselves from the tournament.

It has all Gagli was not feeling good. The 34-year-old Florentine player has been feverish for several days and has raised the alarm when checked by the doctors of the European Tour. He went to visit them today to tell them about his situation and everything has been triggered.

When detecting the fever and taking into account that Lorenzo arrived in Oman directly from his home, the doctors of the European Tour have applied the protocol dictated by the World Health Organization. He has to remain isolated to avoid possible infections while the doctors keep doing more tests.

Applying this same protocol, Molinari has also been isolated because he was Gagli's roommate in Oman, eventhough he does not present any symptoms.

So, waiting to get the results of Gagli's tests, the two players will remain isolated. If the results are negative, something that will be known in the next few hours, it will be decided if they play in Qatar, although it seems more unlikely in the case of Gagli. If they were positive, the relevant measures will be taken and probably continue with isolation.

The European Tour has informed the rest of the players about what happened and will not take any exceptional action. Many dispensers for hand washing have been installed in the field and golfers have been asked to do so frequently.

Accordingly, the European Tour has informed golfers that the risk of Coronavirus in the countries where the next few tournaments will be played (Qatar, Kenya and India) is very low, so there is no reason to take any additional action.

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