Poulter slams Azinger after European Tour comments

POULTER azinger slams european tour

Ian Poulter has slammed Paul Azinger following his comments about the European Tour while in the commentary booth during the final round of the Honda Classic.

Azinger claimed winning tournaments on the PGA Tour was a far bigger achievement than winning on the European Tour.


 The victorious 2008 US Ryder Cup captain was directing those comments specifically at Tommy Fleetwood, who was going in search of his first PGA Tour title despite having won five times on the European Tour, and also winning the Race to Dubai.

"These guys all know you can win all you want on that European Tour," said Azinger.

"Lee Westwood actually took offence to that yesterday. He's won twice on the PGA Tour and 44 times around the world, well it's not the PGA Tour.

"They know that and I think Tommy knows that, it puts a little more pressure on Tommy."


 In response to Azinger's comments, Ian Poulter raced onto Twitter to defend the European Tour's status.

"I like Paul Azinger a lot and get on with him great, but Paul please do not condescend or disrespect the European Tour and our players like that," tweeted Poulter.

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"We have slapped your a*** in the Ryder Cup for so long. I know you captained a win but seriously that was embarrassing today."

Sungjae Im went on to win the Honda Classic by one stroke over Mackenzie Hughes.

Fleetwood held every chance of capturing his maiden PGA Tour title but his chances were sunk on the final hole when he found the water with his second shot into the par-5 18th, and he went on to finish two strokes back in third. 

Creds: GolfMagic

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