Mickelson ‘working on’ potential match with Tiger

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With the PGA Tour shut down for the foreseeable future due to the coronavirus pandemic, Phil Mickelson says that a repeat of “The Match” against Tiger Woods could be on the way.

The veteran golfer responded to a fan’s question about a repeat of the event with a skeleton crew by simply saying “Working on it.”



Mickelson doubled down when another fan asked him not to be a tease.



“The Match” first down on Thanksgiving weekend in 2018 with Mickelson emerging victorious with the $9 million purse, amid several side bets. It was later reported that rematches could be on the way in 2019 and 2020, but those never came to fruition.


The coronavirus pandemic may have changed that. With nearly the entire sports industry shut down, fans are hungry for just about anything — anything — resembling the sports that have temporarily exited their lives.

Another version of “The Match” with no spectators and just a few cameramen would be a relatively low-risk of delivering an actual sporting event, and networks could be hungry to land such a thing these days. And who knows, maybe the pay-per-view would work this time.

Creds: Yahoo Sports


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There goes that stimulus check for some gambler who can’t go to vegas

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